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  • Back to Lumia

    Tags: mobile, review, sony, xperia, xz premium, lumia, microsoft, 950xl

    Looks like I've killed my not very old Sony Xperia XZ Premium. While it's IP65/68 certified, it was not able to survive a night in a little puddle while charging...

    So I took my old Lumia 950XL from the shelf and turned it on.

    Last year I was not very satisfied with Microsoft's phone. Snapdragon 810 has poor performance and it was hard to get full-day battery life. Lack of applications.

    So, after the accident with Xperia, I've got a second chance to evaluate 950XL.

    Yep, it's still slow and battery didn't get better after several months of rest. But, and it was very unexpected for me, the screen looks better than Sony's! Not in terms of colors, but in overall "comfort". The image looks much more solid, even, there is no feeling that image has been created out of a bunch of pixels, while I can still feel pixels on Sony's screen (and it's physically 4K!). So, browsing 500px's galleries and watching 4K HDR Netflix movie is better on Sony, but internet browsing and reading much more comfortable with 950XL.

    And camera... While modern cameras are improving image mostly with software algorithms Lumia 950XL's camera still capable of capturing stunning images because of great hardware. Yes, it's quite slow, the camera app is not reliable and responsive, so it not suited well for snapping the moment. But if you have some seconds to set it up - you'll get a stunning shot.

  • Christmas Bing

    Tags: bing, web, holidays, christmas

    I love using just because it is a beautiful page. Every day new interesting image. Search results work well for me too.

    So today I opened Edge where Bing is default starting page and saw that now it's not only a new photo, but some pretty stuff like snowfall, lights, frost and cute meerkat :)

  • Hello, world!

    So, this is yet another attempt to start blogging again and on regular basis. I'll share my thougts about software development, computer graphics, photography and other stuff that is interesting for me.