April 28, 2018

Why Do I Write Code

There is a type of questions on job interviews: where do you see yourself in 3-5-10 years from now. I’m taking a lot of interviews last time, so I thought quite a lot about it.

And I saw that there is an underlying question - what is the reason I do what I do? Why do I write code?

And the fair answer is quite simple - I want to have fun.

I can go deeper into philosophy with this answer. As biological objects, we, humans, need one thing - reproduction. Pass genes to the next generation and provide them comfortable conditions. But that kind of naked fair answer maybe uncomfortable to live with (for somebody). So we, people, came up with a bunch of derivatives of this one fundamental need. We even can arrange them in a fancy manner like Maslow’s pyramid.

That said, “to have fun” is my abstraction on top of all these stuff. It includes resources to have fun (money), fun place to live (high quality of life, close to a sea and mountains, and less ice around). And it’s not only about myself - it isn’t fun to see unhappy people around.

But what’s so special in writing code for me that makes it fun?

I can do it. I’m still getting fun writing code. And even when humans spoil some technology (technologies are perfect - humans make them look bad abusing not reading docs) I can abstract from it and squeeze some fun out of it.

And if something goes wrong - I’ll switch to full-time photography. Keep your hobbies up and ready!

Pink Blossom by Dmitry Tabakerov

© Dmitry Tabakerov, 2018

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