December 10, 2018

Chromium Edge

Microsoft is going to switch Edge’s internals to Chromium engine, and this is bad.

While Chrome is dominating today’s browser market, it may look like the right decision - better technologies for customers, fewer browsers to test for web-developers, fewer efforts for Microsoft as browser developer. But this is only short-term view.

On a long-term, we are going to repeat those horrible dark ages of the Internet which happened about a decade ago. Back then Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 was a great browser with a dominant position on a market, later IE6 came… And first we got “Best view in IE,” then - “Works only in IE”…

And progress stopped. No competition - no need for advancement for a developer (for how long there where no tabs in IE?), only one implementation - no one needs to follow standards. Does anything look similar? What about pages that work well only with Chrom(ium?) What about Chrome-only features? Do you remember, how first versions of Gmail worked with Opera?

There is a clear relationship between a number of different browsers and progress in the Web industry. Evolution works better when there is a variety of species.

Maybe, it wouldn’t be so bad if Chrome was a real opensource browser, but it’s not.

When Edge uses Chromium as an internal engine, there will be only Firefox and Safari as the alternative.

And this is bad for the Web.

© Dmitry Tabakerov, 2018

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