May 4, 2018

About Cookie Warnings

There is a big hype about privacy, private user’s data, GDPR on the internet nowadays.

Also a lot of mentions about “cookie warnings” that are popping almost everywhere.

I hate it. I think it’s wrong.

As an advanced computer user and software developer deeply who deeply understand all gears behind WWW, these alerts are just informational noise. I can manage cookies. I can disable cookies with browser settings; I can blacklist them by domains if I don’t want cookies from a specific place.

One may say “not everyone is a web developer!”

True. But the Web is big, complicated and in general - hostile area. However, everyone uses it, and the majority of web users have no idea how it works, while every car driver knows that car uses gasoline, sometimes it’s required to refill car’s tank (not talking about electric cars). And they know that drinking gasoline is dangerous for health! Also crossing roads in wrong places and while red street light can be lethal.

Why do they know that?

Don’t know about the USA, but I’ve learned that things from my parents, later by teachers in school, and then in driver courses.

Maybe that cookie warnings are an attempt to fix a non-technical issue with a technical solution (it almost always ends up with something ugly)?

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